• Design Philosophy

    Fine watches are more than instruments that tell time. In the greater view they are a narrative, a story that describes the world of the wearer.

    Watches are an expression of personality, of self-image and are ultimately beautiful objects like a piece of fine art. However unlike a static piece of sculpture or painting, a watch is dynamic art that you wear and enjoy.

    The company has created art pieces that are immediately recognizable as a Pier & Lev product, and in the process, a reflection of the wearer’s personality.

    It all starts with the Tourbillon movement, a complicated mechanism that combines many intricate and miniscule components, moving together in a symphony of accuracy.

    The Tourbillon is enclosed in a beautiful case made of different materials, from precious metals to state of the art carbon and titanium alloys.

    The dial and hands are a reflection of the character of each watch, and are designed to be legible at a glance, and to reflect the personality of the watch itself.

  • Completing the finished product is a strap designed in collaboration with renowned artist, Attila Azodi, made to be perfectly complementary for each timepiece, along with a state of the art buckle that is micro adjustable to ensure a perfect fit on any wrist.

    The watches are designed and manufactured, using the best in Swiss watch technology and components, to reflect the Pier & Lev Company ideals of superb quality and real substance, while remaining easy to wear and simple to use.

    Pier & Lev place ergonomics high on their priority list and their watches are not only aesthetically pleasing, but ergonomically efficient in every way, from the comfort on your wrist, to the ease of reading the dial, and are designed to be an extension of the wearer’s hand itself.

    Pier and Lev are dedicated to creating unique and exceptional timepieces, and will build customized and bespoke watches based on their clients’ desires.


    In horology, a tourbillon is an addition to the mechanics of a watch escapement. Developed around 1795 and patented by the French-Swiss watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet on June 26, 1801, a tourbillon aims to counter the effects of gravity by mounting the escapement and balance wheel in a rotating cage, to negate the effect of gravity when the timepiece (thus the escapement) is stuck in a certain position.

    The Pier & Lev tourbillon, designed by Arthur Lev is a precision mechanism that keeps perfect time while showcasing the beauty of its three dimensional structure in the dial of the watch

  • Case

    The Pier and Lev Case is a unique design in the world of superior quality timepieces. It is primarily designed to contain the watch movement, and is made of various materials, from precious metals to high tech carbon, to complement the overall character of the watch, and to make the finished watch light and comfortable.

    The case properly isolates the movement from exterior influences and ensures that the watch remains stable, accurate and well protected under all conditions.

    It is also designed to be ergonomically structured and to sit comfortably on the wrist.

    The Pier & Lev cases not only perform the functions of protection and comfort, but are also designed to enhance the beauty of the watch.

  • Dial and Hands

    At Pier & Lev we believe that the dial of a watch is its central focal point. Not only must the dial display information, but of equal importance is that it also pleases the wearer and stirs emotions with its aesthetic design. In addition, we believe the dial has to complement the design of the case, movement and strap, to create a synergistic piece that works harmoniously with all of its elements.

    The Pier & Lev Dials draw heavily from exotic automotive and Bauhaus Architectural influences, and are designed to highlight the beauty of the Pier & Lev Tourbillon movement.

    The company has produced many distinctive and unique dials, from solid backgrounds to finely crafted and detailed transparent skeletons. The dials are always perfectly matched to the character of each watch and will always draw the eye with their intricate details.

  • The hands on all Pier & Lev watches are distinctive and unique to each watch. They are designed to complement and work in concert with the dial, case style and materials. The hands are designed to be perfectly in contrast with their background, so as to be clearly visible and always in keeping with the character of the watch.

    Many of the hands are luminous allowing them to be seen clearly in low light conditions.

    As with all Pier & Lev designs, the company can customize any watch dial and hands, as well as many the features of the watches, to the buyer’s specifications.

  • Straps

    The Pier and Lev Straps are designed together with renowned artist Attila Aszodi, and are specifically created for each particular watch to match its character. As a passionate watch collector of over thirty years, Azodi consistently found that the straps supplied with most watches, regardless of brand, are usually just an afterthought. Materials wear out quickly and comfort is not a term generally associated with a watch strap.

    It was this passion that led Pier & Lev to collaborate with him for their straps

    All of the straps are hand-made, and each one is a unique product of the highest quality that has gone through hours of careful selection of materials, painstaking detailing, vigorous assembly and unequaled quality control.

  • They are matched in color and material to the look and feel of the Case and Dial, creating a timepiece that feels comfortable and looks right from any perspective.

    The straps are made of various materials from industrial rubber to fine leathers in a variety of colors and textures. The harmony between the strap and watch is the finishing touch that creates the unique finished timepiece.

    Straps are a major element that can be customized by the buyer, giving them the opportunity to create a unique look for their Pier & Lev watch.

  • Buckles

    Pier & Lev watches are offered with a wide variety of buckles, from simple tang buckles to more complex deployment clasps.

    The Pier & Lev buckle is an integral part of the watch, securing it to the wearer’s wrist in comfort. Some models use the unique Pier & Lev patented buckle design, unlike any other, that features a micro adjustment ensuring a perfect fit on the wrist. This unique mechanism allows the wearer to make adjustments as conditions change and the wrist swells throughout the day.

    All Pier & Lev buckles are matched to the character of the watches, sit perfectly on the wearer’s wrist and can be worn for lengthy periods without creating fatigue or unnecessary movement on the wrist.

    As with many other features on Pier & Lev watches, the choice of buckles can be customized by the buyer, in order to create a unique and distinctive timepiece for them alone.