Pier and Lev History

The Pier and Lev Watch Company was founded in Los Angeles in 2009 by Mauricio Pier, a vintage and exotic car enthusiast and avid watch collector.

Pier, an Industrial Design Masters graduate, was fascinated with mechanical objects and gadgets from an early age, and even more so with the complicated engineering and mechanisms of cars and watches.

His passion for cars led him to open a highly regarded vintage and exotic car restoration business and specialty car dealership. Cars and watches were always intertwined in his life and he began to amass a significant collection of interesting and valuable timepieces.

This naturally brought him to the world of like-minded collectors, and his passion soon evolved into trading watches and the creation of a very successful online secondary watch business.

As his knowledge and experience in the watch market expanded, Pier decided he wanted watches that were unique, watches that came from his own imagination.

Today the Pier and Lev Watch Company produces an extremely limited collection of Tourbillon movement watches, working with Pier’s designs and under Lev’s direction. The watches are hand built in Pier & Lev’s facility by the most skilled craftsmen in the watch business, using the very best components, sourced from highly respected Swiss manufacturers, and making many components itself,

The demand for Pier & Lev timepieces is tremendous and the company is expanding its facilities to supply its prospective customers. Pier is constantly at work imagining and creating his next watch design, a design which is always, like the ones that came before, timeless, classic and unique.

Unique and Historical Pier & Lev timepieces